Our Background

Mauro & Karim

The Huilerie St Michel, established in 1896, is located by the Mediterranean Sea in Menton. On this 15 miles strip of land between Monaco and the Italian border, we are proud inheritors of 4 generations of traditional olive oil makers.

Olive oil, symbol of the Mediterranean culture, is our main activity. Our passion, love of what we do and innovations keep on surprising.
Our key words are: authenticity, taste, tradition, nature... And new savors!

“Keen on surprising and pleasing our customers, we cultivate our uniqueness through the exclusive quality of our products.”


Agrum'Olives is a subtle blend between the fruity taste of St Michel Olive Oil and the delicate lemon of Menton.
Karim Djekhar and Mauro Colagreco combined the fruit of the eternal tree with the one of Menton's legend.
After 6 months of research and tasting, Agrum'Olives was created on the 17th of february 2009, based on our extra virgin olive oil, fine and fruity, well balanced, elegant and gourmet, enhancing the perfumes of the lemons of Menton.
Reaching the subtle equilibrium between two dominant tastes, the fruit versus the acid, has been a challenge. Our chef expert taste has been most helpful to mix in the right proportion of lemon before and after the filtering process.
Mauro Colagreco and Karim Djekhar applied the same traditional process used in the 17th century by the perfumers in Grasse.
We obtained an oil with a strong character, tasty and delicate, natural and unique, just for your pleasure.

Every winter, retreating in a creative environment, Mauro and Karim take some time together seeking new inspirations. They come up every year with a new taste, extending the range of oils we propose at Chef's Olive Oil. Mauro then bring this new oil in his cooking, either at Le Mirazur, his elegant restaurant in Menton, in Paris, at La Brasserie Grand Coeur, or at one of the two Unico by Mauro Colagreco restaurants in China.
Mauro's Mirazur has been awarded the first restaurant in France and 11th in the world distinction by The World's 50 Best Restaurant.

Success comes from innovative recipes matching actual expectations and current trends. Always breaking new grounds to fulfill your curiosity and pleasure. .

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