How to enjoy olive oil tasting

Mauro & Karim


Your first impression starts by what you see, however subjective it may be. The packaging, the color of the oil should appeal to you.


The oil should not only smell like olive, it must sublimate its aroma. To do so, slightly heat the liquid in a glass with your hands as you would do with a good wine. You could also rub a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand.


Purists would blind-taste the oil pure, therefore avoiding any interference in the sensory analysis.
We'd rather recommend a more gourmet approach.
To get what makes our oil unique, choose a nice piece of country bread, dip it in and put it in your mouth. Now take your time to analyze your first impressions; before you eat, inhale gently while chewing to enhance the fruity and subtle flavors of Menton's lemon and spices.


The quality of our olive oil relies first on the basic ingredients used: we carefully select local olives and press extra virgin oil with relatively low acidity. We then introduce a new flavor; a fruit or a spice. To do so, we apply the same method used in the 17th century by the perfumers in Grasse,   a process called maceration effleurages, an old method of cold extraction for floral perfumes during which fat absorbs and retains the aroma. The maturing time and final filtering method remains an in house expertise.

Subtle aromas then appear: almond, artichoke, citrus fruits, red berries, herb, dried fruits, exotic fruits, beer, cocoa and vanilla...

What matters most is the equilibrium between intensity and harmony.
It all starts by what you feel...

Original, delicate, subtle... Huilerie St Michel Olive Oil is unique on the market. Mauro Colagreco, first chef in France and 11th on the planet according to The World 50 Best Restaurants , consider it to be an “outstanding nectar”.

Simply unique... .

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