The lemon of menton and cooking

Cooking Mauro

The most renowned chefs have a crush on the lemon of Menton.
What makes it so special to attract the best chefs?
Their taste! You can eat the skin, its subtle acidity, not aggressive, very digest, doesn't mask the other flavors in a recipe.
We knew Paul Bocuse, Pierre Gagnaire and Yannick Alleno were ardent champions of our lemon.
Joël Garault, chef of Le Vistamar in Monaco, is a strong advocate of this fruit bearing “outstanding flavors and aroma” in its zest and its white skin of which he is making confit.
To nourish his natural creativity, Mauro Colagreco explores new culinary areas to enrich his cooking with original savors.
His open-mindedness and love of exploration are present in his compositions with the golden fruit.

The world of gastronomy praises the lemon of Menton. Every chef carefully picks his ingredients for their savor,uniqueness and authenticity to imply an emotion. There are lots using this peculiar fruit in their kitchens; Ducasse, Robuchon, Bocuse, Garrault... But only Mauro Colagreco has the chance to pick himself is own lemons and have them subtly blended in his olive oil.

Although purists may say olive oil is self-sufficient, our goal is to sublimate this noble product in a culinary quest combining unique ingredients to create excellence.


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